The CVBC administers its mandate through the Council, which governs and oversees the College and its activities. The Council, except for public members who are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council or Minister, are elected by the members of the CVBC pursuant to the Veterinarians Act and the CVBC Bylaws.


Dr. Jane Pritchard

President, Elected Member

First Elected: 2022/03/11

Term Start: 2022/03/11

Term End: 2025/03/11

Dr. Michele Martin

Vice-President, Elected Member

First Elected: 2020/03/06

Term Start: 2023/03/06

Term End: 2026/03/06

Mr. Gian Sihota

Treasurer, Public Member

First Appointed: 2019/03/01

Term Start: 2023/04/01

Term End: 2026/04/01

Dr. Josh Waddington

Elected Member

First Elected: 2019/03/01

Term Start: 2022/03/11

Term End: 2025/03/11

Mr. Harinder Mahil

Public Member

First Appointed: 2021/10/04

Term Start: 2022/10/04

Term End: 2025/10/04

Ms. Karilysa Michaels

Public Member

First Appointed: 2023/05/08

Term Start: 2023/05/08

Term End: 2024/05/08

Dr. Justin McLash

Elected Member

First Elected: 2023/03/03

Term Start: 2023/03/03

Term End: 2026/03/03

Meeting Dates

The CVBC Council meets approximately every 6 weeks. Any registrant or member of the public is welcome to participate in the Open Meeting. Please get in touch with us if you wish to do so and we can provide further details. Due to COVID-19, all meetings are being held by videoconference. 

  • Friday February 2, 2024
  • Friday March 22, 2024

Open Meeting Agendas

Should you wish to attend the Open portion of the Council meeting, please email and a link to the meeting will be forwarded.  Please note that all meetings are held virtually at this time.

Meeting Minutes