CVBC Office Staff

To reach any member of the CVBC staff, please send an email to or to and it will be forwarded to the correct person or department for response.

Christine Arnold, Registrar & CEO

Dr. Stacey Thomas, DVM, Deputy Registrar

Joel Walsoff, Deputy Registrar & General Counsel

Ransiri Fernando, Complaints & Investigation Legal Counsel

Irina Sear, Chief Financial Officer & Human Resources Officer

Dr. Sheila Rusticus, DVM, Staff Veterinarian / Facilities Manager

Rosalee Magcalas, Executive Assistant

Arlene Gizzi, Controller

Christina Spring, Registration Coordinator

Kirsten Tecson, Assistant Coordinator (Registration)

Dr. Christine Smetschka, Senior Inspector (Complaints & Investigations)

Darcie Light, Senior Paralegal – Complaints

Nerisa Bernhardt, Paralegal – Complaints

Madison Garson, Paralegal – Complaints

Amneet Ghuman, Paralegal – Complaints

Lorelei Villasoto, Legal Assistant – Complaints

Brittany Harmening, RVT, VTS (Dentistry) – Senior Inspector (Facilities)

Johwena Si, CVBC Coordinator

Nancy Robertson, Receptionist