No longer licensed to practice veterinary medicine in BC, but may still use the title “Dr.” and academic designation (e.g. DVM).

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Registration Suspended

A suspension may be imposed by the Investigation Committee or the Discipline Committee in order to protect the public interest. Below is a list of registrants whose license to practice veterinary medicine was suspended:

Registrant: Anonymous Registrant D 
Type: Suspension
Decisions: On August 2, 2019, the Investigation Committee (IC) made an order pursuant to s.65(2)(b) of the Veterinarians Act, for the purpose of protecting the public interest. The Registrant must refrain from practising veterinary medicine, which includes prescribing, ordering, accessing, dispensing, and disposing of prescription medications.  The Registrant must not delegate to or supervise staff. 
Order: The IC suspended the Registrant’s registration immediately. 

The IC directed the Registrar to withhold information otherwise required to be published, as that information may relate to physical or mental ailment, an emotional disturbance or an addiction to alcohol or drugs that impairs the Registrant’s ability to practice veterinary medicine. 

The name of the Registrant D has been withheld in accordance with sections 68(3)(b) of the Veterinarians Act.

Registrant: Dr. Wayne Etherington 
File Number: 12-085
Decisions: CVBC Investigation Committee (February 16, 2013)
Order: The Investigation Committee has suspended the registrant pursuant to section 65(2)(b) of the Veterinarians Act.

The Investigation Committee has taken this extraordinary action to protect the public interest due to the number and seriousness of formal complaints received by this office alleging sexual misconduct involving women, both employees and clients. Although unproven at this time, these allegations, if proven, suggest a high degree of professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming a registrant that extraordinary action to protect the public interest must be taken.

Further, that the terms of a prior order of the Investigation Committee (February 15, 2013) which provided the option of continued veterinary practice under the supervision of a chaperone were not adhered to, in that the Registrar (Interim) of the CVBC was not contacted before 4:30 p.m. on February 15, 2013 for directions regarding the assignment of a chaperone.

Registration Cancelled/Resigned

Below are registrants no longer registered with the CVBC, and therefore not licensed to practice veterinary medicine in BC:

Dr. Sonia Legendre – March 5, 2019
Dr. Peter Dobias – August 20, 2018


Voluntary move to an “Inactive” registration class. Registered in good standing but not currently licensed to practice veterinary medicine: