Record Retention

Medical Records:7 years(CVBC Bylaws)
 X-Rays:7 years(CVBC Bylaws)
Controlled Prescriptions:  7 years(BC Controlled Prescription Program)
Veterinary Staff Files:10 years(Worksafe BC Legislation)
MSDS/WHMIS:2 years(Worksafe BC Legislation)

Reference Library

The Practice Facility Accreditation Committee (PFAC) enforces, through a facility inspection, the Designated Registrant (DR)’s responsibility to maintain a reference library in accordance with Schedule D – Accreditation Standards. The specific requirement for reference materials in any given veterinary practice will vary depending upon the scope and nature of the veterinary services offered to the public.

Below is a list of suggested resources, to use as a guideline in establishing a practice library. The DR may choose to maintain the references mentioned in the document or, alternatively, the registrant may choose other references that may be more current and/or applicable to their practice.