Registration Application

**Due to temporary suspension of the Bylaw Exam (see next section), all applications for registration must be considered by the Registration Committee for “Provisional Registration”.  This necessarily increases the time required for processing of registration applications.

To apply for registration, please create an online “Applicant Account, after which you will be able to complete the CVBC’s Online Application for RegistrationAlternatively, you can print off and manually complete our written Application Form. With either format, the completed application must be signed in front of a notary public, then the original document, with all supporting materials, must be mailed to the CVBC office to the attention of the Registration Coordinator.

Application for Registration Fee: $525 ($500 + GST)

Also required before the application for registration will be considered:

  • Successful completion of the bylaw exam (see below)
  • Until the Bylaw Exams are reinstated (in a new format), all applications must include a signed “Declaration of Independent Review of the CVBC’s Legislation, Standards & Guidelines” (see the CVBC’s Temporary Policy during COVID Pandemic: Provisional Active Registration Decision, page 2)
  • Payment of annual registration fee (prorated to the quarter of the registration year in which new registration is being sought).

Additional Form to be completed by all applicants/new registrants:

This form serves several purposes:

  1. Opportunity to update/confirm you personal contact information (in case it has changed since the initial application was submitted)
  2. Provide details about what practice facility(s) a new registrant will be practising at, along with a rough breakdown of areas of practice
  3. Provide authorization for which practice facility information* you want the CVBC’s Online Registry to include.
  • Practice facility name, phone number and address, vs.
  • Practice facility name and phone number only, vs.
  • No practice facility information

*Note: the CVBC does not publish any personal contact information in the online registry, only practice facility information.

Bylaw Seminar and Exam

All applicants for Private Practice, Specialty Private Practice, and Public Sector registration are required to:

  • pass an examination as a requirement for registration; and,
  • attend a bylaws seminar either during the application process or within one year of being registered.


COVID-19 UPDATE – October 5, 2020

The CVBC Bylaw & Ethics Examinations have been suspended until further notice due to social distancing requirements.  The Registration Committee has adopted the following policy for granting Provisional Registration to applicants whose applications are otherwise complete, until it is possible to resume examinations. 

The Bylaw & Ethics Seminars are now being hosted remotely via Live Webinar format.  Please contact for further details.


Applicants must pre-register with the Registration Coordinator to attend the bylaw exam or seminar by initiating an application for registration. This requires submission to the office of a minimum of: 

1.       a completed and notarized ‘Application for Registration,’

2.       full payment of the application fee, and

3.       full payment of the exam fee

at least one week before the scheduled exam/seminar session.

Please note that the bylaw exam is only one step in the application process. Passing the exam does not automatically entitle the applicant to be registered. It also does not lead to immediate registration. An application file will be forwarded to the Registrar only when it is complete and includes all required documentation and fees. The Registrar must be satisfied that the applicant meets all requirements and is qualified to be registered. The Registrar may make further inquiries or may refer the application to the Registration Committee. Following review, the Registration Committee may either direct the Registrar to register the applicant, to seek additional information, or to hold a hearing.

Applicants should be familiar with the documents below before taking the exam:

A current inactive registrant (Non-Practising or Retired classes) who wishes to reinstate to Private Practice, Specialty Private Practice or Public Sector registration (and has not been out of an active class of registrant for more than 3 years) is required to review the bylaws and standards before returning to practice. Please contact the office for information.

Bylaws Exam (no Seminar) - Suspended Until Further Notice
(as of March 18, 2020)


Alternative methods for delivery are being explored by the CVBC.  In the meantime, the Registration Committee has established a policy for granting new registration on a provisional basis, until the exam requirement has been satisfied.

Bylaws & Ethics Seminar Sessions (no Exam)
Schedule for the Remainder of 2021


After a brief suspension, the Bylaw & Ethics Seminar sessions have been resumed via live webinar format.

The dates for 2021 are:

  • February 3, 2021
  • May 5, 2021
  • August 4, 2021
  • November 3, 2021

The Bylaw seminar begins at 1:00 p.m. and will take between 3 and 4 hours (dependent upon live Q&A).


Bylaw Exam: $367.50 ($350 + GST)

Bylaw Seminar Deposit: None