Letters of Good Standing

Letters of good standing or licensing history reports may be required from the CVBC for current and past registrants who are applying to be registered in other jurisdictions. Most regulatory bodies in other jurisdictions will require this information.

Note that in most or all jurisdictions, the existence of a complaint history is not an automatic bar to registration. However, the failure to disclose a complaint history is a serious concern and may lead to revocation of a license.

To request a letter of good standing, please submit a completed and signed Letter of Good Standing Request Form to the CVBC office. Please note that there is a fee of $52.50 ($50 + GST) for this service and the office must receive this payment before issuing the letter of good standing. 

If the jurisdiction that you are applying for has their own form that they require to be filled out, please submit a copy to the CVBC office together with the CVBC’s Request Form.

If there is a time frame during which you require the letter to be sent, please indicate that in your request.

The original letter will be mailed to the requested jurisdiction and the registrant will receive a copy by e-mail.

The CVBC will disclose the following information:

  • date initial registration with the CVBC was granted,
  • registration or license number,
  • date of any change in class of registration from initial registration, if applicable,
  • cancellation, suspension or practice restriction, if applicable, and
  • current disciplinary proceeding underway (i.e., Hearing before the Discipline Committee in response to a Citation against a registrant) relating to conduct and character, competence or fitness to practice veterinary medicine.

The CVBC will not disclose an outcome that has been dismissed or an allegation that is before the Investigation Committee (IC) and for which no decision has been made by the IC without written authorization from the registrant or through a request from another veterinary regulatory body for release of this information.

Please allow for up to 10 working days from the date of your request for the CVBC to prepare the Letter of Good Standing.


In British Columbia, disciplinary history is relevant, but complaint history for matters dismissed or leading to no further action is not relevant to a professional’s conduct record.

Unless a foreign jurisdiction requires it, you need not volunteer to provide information about dismissed complaints. You may wish to contact the requesting jurisdiction to clarify this point before consenting to disclosure.

Many jurisdictions do require information about currently investigated complaints, because these could lead to disciplinary action. You may wish to contact the requesting jurisdiction to clarify this point before consenting to disclosure.