Annual Registration Fees

Below are the Annual Registration Fees for each registrant category:

 Fees          GST        Total         
Private Practice (PP)$1,395.00   $69.75     $1,464.75 
Specialty Private Practice (SPP)$1,395.00$69.75 $1,464.75 
Public Sector (PS)$1,046.25$52.31$1,098.56
Non-Practicing (NP)$350.00$17.50 $367.50 
Temporary for External Licensed Veterinarian (TEMP)  $400.00$20.00 $420.00 
Retired (RET)$0.00$0.00$0.00

This is subject to change by the CVBC, by bylaw amendment.  Under the Veterinarians Act, the issue (as with most other bylaw matters) would be voted on by electronic means after required notice to the registrants of the CVBC.

The annual registration fees must be paid before registration will be granted, and thereafter annually, in order to remain in good standing.


  • The registration licensing year is the calendar year. 
  • The annual registration fees are prorated quarterly.
  • The fees are subject to 5% GST in British Columbia (as indicated above).
  • Payment must be received in the office by December 31 of the previous year (i.e. 2018 fees must be paid by the end of 2017).
  • Late payment will result in a penalty and potential cancellation of registration pursuant to Bylaws s. 1.79-85.
  • The CVBC does not collect fees for any member interest body. Registrants must contact organizations such as the Society of BC Veterinarians (SBCV) and Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) directly in respect to membership with them.