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No longer licensed to practice veterinary medicine in BC, but may still use the title “Dr.” and academic designation (e.g. DVM).


Following the issuance of a citation, a hearing will take place before the Discipline Committee. All discipline hearings are open to the public. Notice of hearings will be published in this section in advance of the hearing.

Consent Orders

Once a citation has been issued, a registrant may provide a written proposal to either the Investigation Committee if the discipline hearing has not yet begun, or to the Discipline Committee if the hearing has begun in order to resolve the matter. Notification of a consent order must be made pursuant to s. 68(1)(d) of the Veterinarians Act

Consent Resolutions

Following resolutions reached with the Investigation Committee, notification of Reprimands or Remedial Actions by Consent must be published pursuant to s. 68(1)(c) of the Veterinarians Act.

Practice Facilities

Practice Facilities with provisional or limited accreditation are listed in this section. Also in this section is a list of recently closed practice facilities and the contact information for obtaining medical records.