Facility Self Assessment

    I, , the Designated Registrant of the practice hereby sign this undertaking declaring that I have read and understood my duties under section 3.6 of Part 3 of the CVBC Bylaws, and without limiting the generality of section 3.6, I understand that:

  • I will not provide a fuller range of practice services than my accredited Scope of Practice without prior authorization by the Practice Facility Accreditation Committee. Additional species within a category (e.g., companion animals) that is already accredited may be seen, but those in another unaccredited species category cannot be seen without approval of the PFAC.

  • If the facility is planning to relocate or perform renovations, I will contact the CVBC to arrange for an inspection and accreditation of the space before the facility starts providing services from the new or renovated space.

  • By checking this box, I declare I am the Designated Registrant of facility, having accessed this Declaration through my registrant portal. The information entered has been verified by me and is accurate.

Terms Related to Scope of Practice