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Schedule C

The proposed Schedule C to Part 1 of the CVBC Bylaws passed registrant vote by a margin of 89% in favour.


Council Elections

We have 2 (two) upcoming vacancies on Council. The Nominations Committee has declared the following registrants as eligible candidates to stand for election to Council for a 3 (three) year term following the election cycle which ends on February 15, 2019:

Dr. Parmjit Dhillon
Dr. Doris Leung
Dr. Sarah Squinas
Dr. Josh Waddington

Electronic voting materials will be distributed to registrants eligible to vote on or before December 6th, pursuant to Bylaw s. 1.8 . If you have any questions please send them to



Registration Fees and Continuing Education Declaration

Notices of registration fees were e-mailed to registrants earlier this week. To pay your fees, please sign in to your account here and click the link under "My Account", then click "My Registration". If you prefer, you may mail a cheque to the office along with your full name and registration number. If you are paying for more than one registrant, you must include a list of names and registration numbers of all individuals. Please note that we will not be accepting credit card payments over the phone.

Payment is due by
December 31, 2018. If payment is received after this date it will be subject to a 25% penalty. Non-payment in full will result in cancellation of registration without further notice. If you are mailing your cheque close to the deadline, please include a date stamp. Payment of all outstanding fees plus the applicable reinstatement fee is required to reinstate registration*. The office is closed every year from December 24 – January 1. If you require assistance with payment, contact us before the office closure.

To submit your CE Credits, sign in to your account here and click the link under "My Account", then click "My CE". 

* See Bylaw s. 1.80 - 1.82 and Schedule C

Fees           GST         Total          
Private Practice (PP) $1,395.00    $69.75      $1,464.75 
Specialty Private Practice (SPP) $1,395.00 $69.75  $1,464.75 
Public Sector (PS) $1,046.25 $52.31 $1,098.56
Non-Practicing (NP) $350.00 $17.50  $367.50 
Fees           GST         Total          
Private Practice (PP) $1,395.00    $69.75      $1,464.75 
Specialty Private Practice (SPP) $1,395.00 $69.75  $1,464.75 
Public Sector (PS) $1,046.25 $52.31 $1,098.56


Unauthorized Practice Alert

It is not appropriate for B.C. veterinarians to send invitations for veterinarians licensed in other jurisdictions to provide services directly to B.C. breeders or other members of the public. Such services must be rendered by veterinarians licensed in B.C. and working from a B.C. accredited practice facility. B.C. licensed veterinarians may utilize unlicensed consultants as long as the B.C. veterinarian maintains the veterinary client patient relationship and records, and does not permit the consultant to assume that role, outside of an accredited practice. For more information visit the Unauthorized Practice and Practice Facilities pages. If you have any questions, please contact the office. We will continue to update this post as we receive more information.


Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease - new information for ordering vaccines
On March 2, 2018, it was initially reported that Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD) had been identified in the feral rabbit population in the Nanaimo area. Since then RHD has been confirmed in feral rabbits in Delta, Comox, Richmond and Parksville. The strain in BC appears to be highly virulent and easily spread with a short incubation period. It also may infect rabbits less than 30 days of age unlike most other strains. Strict biosecurity is key for the prevention of spread to other rabbits. We encourage you to follow these links to a very thorough Fact Sheet on RHD and a document on Rabbit Biosecurity Protocols

RHD Statement (April 16, 2018)

There is no vaccine licensed for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in Canada. The CFIA’s Canadian Centre for Veterinary Biologics has kindly facilitated acquiring an emergency import permit through the office of the Chief Veterinarian for BC, Jane Pritchard, which allows the vaccine to be re-distributed to clinics under the single application. The vaccine, Filavac, is a French vaccine with protection against RHDV2 and RHDV1. To order the vaccine, you must complete this order form electronically (do not print, complete by hand, and scan) and e-mail it to by June 29th.

Expiry date: June 2019

Estimated cost:
$100 for the 50 dose multi-vial that must be used within 2 hours of reconstitution and $200 for the 10 individual dose blister pack. Additional cost for courier direct to your clinic if required will be added on to invoices.

Technical information:
This information on the vaccine is in English (it will most likely come with only French labeling and information).
Publicly Available Assessment Report for Filavac
Filavac Package Leaflet
Filavac Summary of Product Characteristics

Template for the vaccination certificate: A certificate must be received by the Chief Veterinarian (as importer of the vaccine) for each use of the vaccine. For large groups of rabbits with a single owner where the vaccine is being administered at a single time you can do one certificate and attach a list of the individual rabbits with identification information.
Certificate of Vaccination with Filavac VHD K C 

Delivery is anticipated for the week of July 9th.


Cat Declaw (Partial Digital Amputation) Standard of Practice

The College of Veterinarians of British Columbia is banning the practice of declawing cats unless it is necessary as an appropriate medical therapy. The new mandatory standard of practice is being implemented after researching other jurisdictions and consultation with BC veterinarians. Although Nova Scotia is the only other Canadian province to ban cat declawing, it is also banned in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, the United Kingdom, parts of Europe and some cities in California.

Under the Veterinarians Act, the CVBC has the power to investigate and impose disciplinary action on veterinarians who ignore the new standard of practice. The Act allows disciplinary enforcement of non-compliance with bylaws and mandatory standards of practice, without distinction (ss. 52 and 61). 
CVBC Council passed a motion on May 4, 2018 making the mandatory standard effective as soon as registrants receive notification. Please follow the link below to read the standard.

Professional Practice Standard: Feline Partial Digit Amputation / Declawing


Equine Dental Services Alert

We have received information that a non-veterinarian is offering non-sedation equine dental services in the Pemberton area in late April. We are in the process of contacting that individual to ascertain whether the services will be offered under the supervision of a veterinarian. 

The CVBC’s position on anyone other than a registrant offering to float horse’s teeth and offering “dental services” is found
herePlease refer to additional materials on this website under Public Protection/Unauthorized Practice/InjunctionsIf you have any questions, please contact the office.

***4/17/2018 UPDATE***
This individual has agreed not to provide these services.


Practice Standards and Notices

Please familiarize yourself with the recently published Professional Practice Standards below which are enforceable upon notification (unless specified otherwise). Please refer to the Legislation, Standards and Policies page for all standards, guidelines, policies and notices. 

Dec. 2017   Controlled Drugs
Dec. 2017  Medical Records – General
Dec. 2017  Medical Records – Companion Animals (revised Jan. 2018)
 Jan. 2018  Notice of “24/7” Signage and Advertising Change (see also Apr. 2017 Advertising)
 Jan. 2018  Thermoregulation (revised Mar. 2018)


​Classified Ads
The CVMA-SBCV Chapter has agreed to take over the CVBC website's classified ads so that we may relinquish one of our non-regulatory functions. It is worth noting that no other regulator in BC provides online classified ads. Canadian veterinary associations or societies do provide this service, but veterinary colleges do not. The CVMA-SBCV Chapter is better positioned to provide classified ads, with existing links to the CVJ Classifies, exposure to Canadian and international resources, and the reach of the West Coast Veterinarian to every member and veterinary facility in BC. You do not need to be a member of the CVMA-SBCV to take advantage of its classifiedsThere will be a transition period as existing CVBC Classifieds reach expiry. Registrants are encouraged to contact the CVMA-SBCV with any queries regarding placing job advertisements.